Meg is a supporting character in the series. She is half-japanese. She is independent, not wanting the help of her own brother, though she still cares for him.

Her mother abandoned her and her brother (Yokosuka Jou) when they were children. She was then given to a man after being in the orphanage for years with her brother.

Meg and his brother

Meg and her brother are abandoned by their parents

She and her brother Jou Yokosuka were abandoned by their mother when they were children. They were then found by an Old Lady in the street who then said that she take care of them; however, in reality, her brother was being abused sexually. After her brother went into the disciplinary school, she was adopted by her current foster father and decided that she would not depend on anyone anymore.

Three years after last seeing her brother, she started working as a hostess in a cabaret club.