Setsuko Koike is a young and lovely nurse in the medical section of Shonan Special Disciplinary School.


Setsuko is considered an attractive woman with long black hair reaching her chest and brown eyes. She soon cuts her hair to chin length. Setsuko is usually seen wearing a nurse uniform.


Setsuko is a kind and timid woman. She's known the best of people.[clarify]


She was in love with Rokurouta Sakuragi. When he died, she tried to move on, beginning a relationship with Minakami Mario after he falls in love with her. It is later revealed that her Father's factory is about to shut down and that she must marry a business man to keep it open so that her family can survive. She ultimately chooses to to get married to the businessman as she only liked Mario because he was a memento of Sakuragi and that her heart will only belong to Sakuragi. They spend one last night together. The morning after, She is last seen at her wedding ceremony, Mario see's her off with a smile thus parting on good terms.


She has moved away from her family and is now living by herself because she was relocated to another hospital.