Tadayoshi Tooyama

Tadayoshi Tooyama (遠山 忠義 Tōyama Tadayoshi?) (voiced by: Takaya Kuroda), nicknamed Soldier (ヘイタイ Heitai?) is one of the largest of the boys. He was sent to the disciplinary school for acts of violence (including having ruthlessly beat and injured his mother's boyfriend, who was abusing her) and for false imprisonments. He was one of the boys who showed the most animosity towards Sakuragi when they first met, but later came to have the most respect for him. Under Sakuragi's advice, he began exercising with the goal of eventually joining the army. He is best friends with Cabbage and the two work out together. He tends to remain disciplined most of the time, but when in conflict, or if the situation requires it, he will take drastic measures such as putting himself at risk (as seen when Mario is taking a beating by the man Mario fought in the bar in order to get payed for the thing he[who?] broke). After leaving the reformatory, he joins the Army, or rather the SDF: Self-Defence Force. He is seventeen years old.